Ahead of the March 20 Illinois Primary elections, the Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th organized the mailing of over 42,000 postcards to voters in the 6th Congressional district of Illinois. It was an astounding success. Activists like you hosted 90 postcard-writing parties and 1,200 volunteers took part in this enormous grassroots effort. Together we engaged our fellow citizens to ask them to raise their voices and participate in the democratic process to save our Healthcare, our Economy, our Environment, and our Children’s future.

Now we need your help to do it again! We plan to mail 100,000 postcards to voters who share our values this fall. We will focus our efforts especially on mobilizing voters who usually sit out midterm elections, because their votes will make the difference at this crucial juncture in our nation’s history.

If you are interested in hosting a postcard writing party, attending a postcard party, or writing postcards on your own, please sign up at this link.

You can also keep an eye on our events page or like us on Facebook for information on upcoming public postcard writing parties.

Thank you!