Are you interested in community organizing, politics, or volunteering?

Come join the Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th Fellowship Program this summer and develop leadership and communication skills with us. Learn to plan, promote, and execute rallies, town halls, phone banks, and more.

Fellows who complete the program will leave with a full understanding of the most effective tools and methods that organizers use to build grassroots power within their community. Few summer opportunities offer as much experience to lead in such a dynamic real-world setting as our democracy! (Plus, your hours worked can contribute to the service requirements of Scouting organizations or national honor societies.)

Fill out the application to join today!

We offer two flexible options to fit your schedule:

– Part-Time Fellowship Program – 5-10 hours per week
– Full-Time Fellowship Program – 10-15 hours per week

The Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th (CBIL6) is a network of 24 grassroots groups in the 6th Congressional District of Illinois who believe that everyone deserves equal and fair treatment regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status and that a successful democracy requires an informed and engaged public.

Our mission is to educate the residents of the Illinois 6th Congressional District on important issues affecting them, share elected officials’ positions on those issues, and encourage citizens to engage in our democracy and vote.